Jrollon Planes Presents his last plane for x-plane 9.60, with metal textures never seen on x-plane
and the first plane to introduce rain on the 3D cockpit.
Also comes with, manipulator technology, allowing you a better in-sim experience of the aircraft and its instruments.
The nicest night cockpit illumination ever seen on x-plane


Only plane on x-plane that has Rain on 3D cockpit
Incredible Metal Reflexions never seen on xplane before
Normal mapping
Amazing Night Illumination with dynamic lighting system.
Incredible amount of detail on internal and external model
accurate flight dynamics
Free Documentation for download (you can see what you'll find before buying it)
Incredible VFR sensations
Virtual Pilot
6 Liveries
DRM free
Future free upgrade to x-plane 10
Custom Sounds

Mentor Manual

You can download for free the Manual of the T34c Mentor clicking on the left image or here for downloading the same manual but higher resultion for printing.

(Better Right click on both and "save link as" option)


Please note that every buy you make is notified to me by email, so I won't be able to send you the codes to download them until I see those emails.
Usually it takes no more than 2 hours, but if it takes more please be sure you will receive the info. I live on Spain so if you are buying on my night time please understand
I am dreaming on flying, but stay calm, your codes will be sent once I notice again I am just a designer on earth :). Thanks!

or you can buy it on: